JP trademark law

Outline of Trademark system in Japan (data entry: 2010/08)

Principle First to file
substantial examination for registration
Term 10 years from registration date
Classification International Classification 9 edition
International trademark
Multi-class application Available
Three dimensional mark Available
Sound mark Not available
Use of marks Not compulsory for filing an application
Letter of consent Not available
Disclaim Not available
Opposition After grant opposition system (non extendable 2 months)

Flow chart of trademark application

Flow chart of trademark application

Requirements for a trademark application

  1. A simply signed Power of Attorney; this can be filed after filing the application.
  2. Name(s), nationality, occupation and address of the applicant(s).
  3. A list of the goods/services and the corresponding class(es), as per Nice Classification 9 edition.
  4. Digital data of trademark to be registered.